While most electric car owners don't drive electric purely for the environmental benefits, it is a major factor for many when making the decision to switch. Come for the clean energy, stay for the low cost of ownership and instant torque.

The next no brainer step is supplementing your shiny new Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Kona Electric or Chevy Bolt EV with a solar panel installation. Home solar plus home charging is probably the ideal scenario for EV ownership. But not everyone is in a position to take advantage of such a setup.

For those living in an apartment, townhome or condo, rooftop solar might be completely out of the question. The common way to approach this is to purchase a renewable energy plan from your electricity provider. But these plans are not available everywhere and they are not always the most affordable option. 

So if you are one of the specific people who fall into the category of...

  • does not currently own a Chevy Bolt,
  • wants to own a Chevy Bolt,
  • wants to charge their new Chevy Bolt with renewable energy,
  • is unable to install solar panels in place of residence,
  • does not have access to a renewable energy plan through their electricity provider,
  • loves insanely huge car spoilers, 

...then we found the car for you! 


The Canadian owner of this 2017 Bolt EV has installed a solar panel directly onto the roof of his car. It is certainly not the first solar powered car the world has ever seen. But a solar powered Chevy Bolt is unique to say the least. Now the one of a kind vehicle can be yours for only $77k Canadian (~ $58k U.S.).

According to the eBay listing, you can gain ~62 miles for every 12 hours of sunlight. One major benefit: this solar powered EV can be charged while stationary and while driving. Plus the novelty value alone is going to appeal to some people.

Does this sound like the car of your dreams? If so check out the eBay listing below! 

Description from the eBay listing:

Chevy Bolt  Solar EV first in North America has a top of the line 2270 watt on board solar charging system that can give you up to 100 kilometers  of range for every 12 hour sunlight period. Extendable drawer in the back allows for maximum charging while stopped. This EV is equipped with a dual charging system that allows you to charge while driving or stopped.
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