Here's a Tesla Model 3 fitted with an automatic trunk. Tesla's don't come standard with this, but the wide selection of aftermarket parts available for the various Tesla models can truly transform your Tesla.

More and more cars these days are equipped with various features that add to their versatility and usability. An automatically opening trunk/hatch is one such example.

This feature was rare just a few years back, but now it can be found on even entry-level type cars. Tesla doesn't currently offer this feature, but there's an aftermarket solution if you're interested.

YouTube Ben Sullins shows off the automatic trunk in this video. As he explains, his wife really wanted this convenient feature, so thanks to Tesla Offer, here it is. Check out the video for more on the setup, install and functionality of the Tesla Model 3 automatic trunk.

Video description via Teslanomics with Ben Sullins on YouTube:

One of my wife's biggest complaints about her Model 3 was the lack of an automatic trunk. Today, that changed.

Big thanks to Tesla Offer for sending this and to EV West for helping install.

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