This time it's a Ford pickup truck that seems to purposely do some coal-rolling on a Tesla.

While it's not so blatantly obvious as that crazy Ram truck driver that basically chased a Tesla to roll coal on it, this clip seems to capture a diesel Ford truck that drifts into another lay just to try to belch out some of that nasty smoke on a Tesla.

A case could be made saying that the driver of the Ford truck is simply inattentive and drifts over the line before he/she slams the accelerator pedal and merges back over. However, to us that seems a bit unlikely. Why accelerate instead of just moving back into the other lane.

Regardless of what happened here, this coal-rolling needs to stop. It's illegal and, at times, very dangerous too.

Watch the video footage right above and provide us with your take on this in Comments below.

Video description via Chris Harrison on YouTube:

Couldn't tell if the guy was just an inattentive driver, or if he purposefully drifted into my lane just to fart on me before zooming off. Happened in northern Indiana, south bound on US 31

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