The additional range is enough to beat several other models, including the Hyundai Kona Electric

It seems that the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV will get a decent increase in range, as the EPA recently added to its database a 2020 Bolt EV with 259 miles (417 km) of range, compared to 238 miles (383 km) offered in 2017-2019 versions.

The 8.8% increase might translate to total battery capacity of 65 kWh (compared to 60 kWh currently).

The 21 miles (34 km) or 5 kWh gain doesn't sound like a breakthrough of any kind, but it's always welcoming to see improvements.


Chevrolet probably replaced the current lithium-ion battery cells with new, more energy-dense units.

The energy consumption numbers (including charging losses) are slightly higher than before. We don't know the reason yet - it might be a slightly higher weight or something else entirely.

The upgrade to 259 miles (417 km) would put the 2020 Bolt EV ahead of the following vehicles:

...and this is probably the main goal for 2020.

There is no official press release from Chevrolet yet, so stay tuned for more info.


Hat Tip to Bruce Lund !!!