Watch to see just how badly a Tesla Model S P100D smokes a Ford Mustang in a drag race. An Audi falls victim to the Tesla too.

But honestly, did you expect either vehicle to stand a chance against the top-of-the-line Model S? We didn't.

Despite being beaten off the line, the Model S easily won, hitting the quarter-mile mark in 11.11 seconds. The Mustang checked in 12.89 seconds.

The Audi S4 finished the quarter-mile in 12.77 seconds at 112.92 mph, but the Model S again easily captured the win with a time of 10.91 seconds.

Watch the video above to see the Tesla put a huge beatdown on two formidable competitors.

Video description via victoryredcolorado on YouTube:

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The Mustang driver knew it wasn't going to end well as he jumped way early trying to get the Tesla out of the hole. Good luck with that as this P100D has a 60 mph time of 2.28 seconds!

In all fairness the '19 5.0 Mustang made it close considering it is rated at 460hp while the Tesla comes in at a whopping 778hp! The Mustang is also 1200lbs lighter than the 4,941 luxury sedan so that in itself is a big advantage.

Done being the nice guy the Tesla driver taps the Ludicrous option and blasts off a 10.93@ 117.90 despite napping at the tree.

Next up comes a B8 Supercharged S4 Audi with a V6 rated at 333HP with a curb weight of around 3900lbs. Giving up almost double the horsepower the 1000lb lighter Audi runs a respectable 12.77 but is no match for the Tesla's fastest pass at 10.91@117.99!

A better matchup would be the Mustang vs the Audi but you just have to love the Tesla! #tesla #p100d #greenenergy

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