Some drivers could benefit from some additional drivers education training.

Watch this reckless Ram truck driver nearly rear-end a Tesla. Then, the truck passes on the shoulder over a solid yellow line to briefly brake check the Tesla after cutting very close in front of the electric car.

This sort of overly aggressive driving is highly dangerous and can lead to all sorts of other problems such as road rage or causing multi-car accidents. The problem is that it occurs all-to-often. And now, with TeslaCam active on so many Teslas out there, we get to see this sort of reckless driving on video day after day.

Hopefully, footage such as this gets submitted to police departments who then act upon it by at least citing the offending driver. That's been the case in some instances, but we're not sure if this footage is evidence enough of clear wrongdoing.

Grab a look at the clip to see the Ram almost ram the Tesla before passing it and then cutting it off.

Video title and description via Dirty Tesla on YouTube:

Idiot Almost Hits Me While He Cuts Me Off | TeslaCam Footage | No Autopilot | Dash Cam |

He wasn't paying attention, almost rear-ended me, then gets mad and cuts me off...yeah makes a lot of sense.

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