This was quite unexpected. We've seen hit and runs captured on dashcam, but not of two of the same make and model.

You'd think that as a Tesla owner, if you happen to hit a fellow Tesla, you'd not flee the scene after leaving a fake telephone number. Honestly, you'd expect this to be even truer when both cars involved are Model 3s.

Yes, it's just a slight bump and the damage is probably quite minor, but that's not the point. Oftentimes, owners of the same type of car have some sort of bond, perhaps artificial rather than real. However, in this case, the Model 3 driver that hits the other Model 3 and then flees seems to have no particular interest in acting differently when the other car is the same as his/hers. This strikes us as quite unusual, but perhaps we're wrong?

Regardless, give the clip a watch and let us know in comments what you think.

Video description via mfgjhy on YouTube:

Model 3 hit by another model 3 in a garage(dude left a fake phone #)


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