The Tesla driver reacts swiftly to avoid hitting the loose car part.

A loose bumper on the highway can be catastrophic, but a very alert Tesla Model 3 driver managed to avoid it. However, not all of the other cars on the road were as lucky.

The video uploader is quick to point out that Tesla Autopilot was not engaged during any of this video, so it's the car, but rather the driver reacting to avoid the danger. Would Autopilot have been capable of this sort of avoidance maneuver? Possibly, but the only way of knowing for sure is to wait for another similar incident to surface when Autopilot is engaged.

Watch this clip showing the bumper being hit by a car and then avoided by a very alert Tesla Model 3 driver. It's actually quite hard to believe that the driver of the Model 3 managed to not only avoid the object, but also to maintain control of the car and to not hit any other cars in the process.

Flip forward to about the 40-second mark to see the bumper avoidance maneuver.

Video description via YT on YouTube:

Was driving on 280 north in San Francisco earlier today and encountered a rear bumper which few drivers unfortunately hit. AP was not engage, long range RWD

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