It all started as if Rich Benoit, from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel, had just had his Tesla Model S rear-ended. His car was apparently intact, but it did not start. A complete mystery until the guys from The Electrified Garage, a shop Benoit himself created, came to rescue. And found out the problem, which could have had massive consequences, was created by tiny individuals. Rodents, to be precise.

Harness-Eating Rats Make Model S Stop On The Road

As in all videos from Benoit, the whole process of diagnostics is very interesting. Chad, from The Electrified Garage, checks if all bolts that hold the battery pack are in place not to have an accident. They normally remove the center bolts and leave the ones on each side holding everything together. If one side does not have the bolts, that is a serious problem, as the video clarifies.

When some of the panels are removed in the back of the Model S, they see rats have eaten the wiring. And that is just one of the problems. What really caused the stall was a blown fuse.

Chad checks it, shows its structure – in a ceramic casing, surrounded by sand – and replaces it with a new one.

Harness-Eating Rats Make Model S Stop On The Road

Although a blown fuse is always something to worry about if the main problem is not fixed, these early fuses used by the Model S were apparently more fragile than the current ones. And fixing the chewed wiring apparently solves the matter with Benoit’s Model S.

Harness-Eating Rats Make Model S Stop On The Road

More than telling you the story, we strongly recommend that you watch the whole video. Chad’s knowledge of the Model S, the process of fixing and seeing the Model S back in action can create a good feeling on people that love a DIY job.

As Benoit himself has proven when he rebuilt his own Model S, EVs will not drive these guys away. They will just demand a different set of skills.

Gallery: Harness-Eating Rats Make Model S Stop On The Road

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