This Lexus dealership in Utah happened upon a Tesla Model X. Lucky for them, it appears to be new and it's white, just like the Lexus RX 450H they're hoping to sell. Clearly, a Lexus dealer is going to do everything in its power to convince people that its midsize SUV tops the Tesla crossover.

Interestingly, this salesman begins by being somewhat careful to not seem as though he's bashing the electric crossover. In fact, he points out some of its strengths, but then works to turn them into faults.

As the video goes on, he begins to really dig into all the issues with buying a Tesla, albeit in a "friendly" way. His most important point, which he pushes over and over, is that charging is inconvenient and infrastructure is lacking, whereas there are gas stations everywhere to fuel up the RX.

The Lexus salesman goes on to talk about Model X fatalities, fit and finish issues, the lack of service centers, etc. His early attempt to appear objective fades away and he can't hide his sliminess.

For instance, he says that "front-wheel-drive" versions of the RX have never had a recorded fatality in the U.S., meaning people have died in all-wheel-drive versions, right? He goes on to say that this can't be said about the Model X. But wait, there is no front-wheel-drive Model X. How many fatalities have there been in the Model X compared to the RX, regardless of configuration? That information is certainly not shared.

At any rate, whether you're a Tesla fan or not, this is an interesting share. Check it out and leave us your thought in the comment section below.

Video Description via Larry H. Miller Lexus Murray on YouTube:

Lexus RX 450H VS Tesla Model X

Compare Lexus RX 450H with Tesla Model X and see for yourself why Lexus beats its rivals.

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