The total number of Volkswagen ID.3 reservations just passed 20,000 according to Juergen Stackmann, Volkswagen brand Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

Stackmann boasted that the pace of reservations for the special edition 1ST is higher than anticipated - the company expected to reach 30,000 by the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, while two-thirds was reached well over three months ahead of the show.

On the other hand, the first 10,000 was achieved in 24-hours, on May 9, which means that the average pace over the past 26 days is around 385 per day.


Here is all we know about the ID.3:

Volkswagen ID.3 market launch:

  • Launching the pre-booking of ID.3 1ST on May 8 (30,000 units)
  • Presentation of the ID.3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019
  • Sales of the pre-booked cars will start after the auto show (orders to be taken by dealers)
  • Production of the ID.3 1ST is to start as planned at the end of 2019 in Zwickau, Germany
  • the first vehicles are to be delivered in mid-2020
  • Target production is claimed to be above 100,000 annually.

The offer:

  • ID.3 1ST special edition (30,000 vehicles), medium battery pack (58 kWh, 420 km / 261 miles of WLTP range), starting below €40,000 in Germany before the deduction of the subsidy, in four colors and three trim versions
  • ID.3 regular with medium battery pack
  • ID.3 regular with big battery pack
  • ID.3 regular with base battery pack starting below €30,000 (target) in Germany

* Registration deposit is €1,000, but could vary in other countries (£750 in the UK).

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