If you haven't seen it yet, feast your eyes on this stunning "Special Ops" project from Tesla in conjunction with SS Customs. Tesla has used this special Model S in the past to commemorate military veterans on Memorial Day. The eye-catching camouflage Tesla proudly announces the company's U.S. Veterans Program across the side of the vehicle. 

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Source: SS Customs

At EVANNEX, we're also proud to be part of Tesla's "Special Ops" project with SS Customs. To that end, we've donated aftermarket accessories including our Lighted Tand Wheel Bands to add something unique and distinctive as part of the project.

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In the past, Tesla has teamed up with SS Customs on other high-profile projects as well — creating another military-themed silver vinyl wrap on a Model X along with a green camo wrap on a Model S (see below).

Source: Tesla

This particular "Special Ops" project features a blue/grey/black/white camo color combination. On the rear bumper, it states: "Home of the free because of the brave." The wrap also includes American flag artwork on the car's panoramic roof. 

Instagram: ocerrato21

Across the side, it also reads: "Made in the USA." It's worth noting that Tesla has been cited as manufacturing the most American-made car of any auto manufacturer. Tesla also has a long history of supporting those who've served in our military. 

Above: An overview of the Tesla Veteran's Program (Vimeo: Tesla)

For those that want to learn more, check out the URL proudly marked on the side of the vehicle: tesla.com/vets.

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