Can the Tesla Model 3 even compete with this legacy beast?

YouTube channel Good Drive has now released the second video in its two-part series. We recently shared its Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW 330i self-parking video. However, now, the channel takes things to another level.

While checking out each car's technology is fantastic and helpful for car shoppers, we really need to know how these cars fare when it comes to the overall driving experience. It's no surprise that Good Drive runs a check on the acceleration of these two rivals, though that's not necessarily something that matters most to new vehicle shoppers.

Yes, zero-to-60-mph metrics are important to some car shoppers when it comes to autos in general, and arguably especially significant in regard to EVs. However, as far as this comparison and review are concerned, we're most interested in how the Tesla Model 3 fares in terms of its driving dynamics as compared to the legendary and sought-after BMW 3 Series.

No spoilers here, of course. Check out the reasonably short video to see the results. Then, scroll down and let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Video Description via Good Drive on YouTube:

2019 BMW 330i G20 Review and Comparison vs Tesla Model 3 MR Driving Experience, Drag Race - Part 2

We did a comprehensive review of the 2019 BMW 330i G20 and compared it to the Tesla Model 3 MR. This is part 2 of the comparison. In this part, we compare the different driving experiences between the BMW 330i and the Tesla Model 3. We also do a short drag race to see test the acceleration.

05:45 - Drag race between BMW 330i G20 and Tesla Model 3

For Part 1, click here:

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