It's time for some Nurburgring action featuring the Tesla Model 3 and a BMW M2.

Neither of these two vehicles are what we refer to as track queens, though the BMW M2 is certainly the more performance-over-practicality cars in this pack.

However, the Model 3, unlikes its Model S counterpart, seems more at home on the track in regards to battery cooling, sustained power output and so on. Additionally, the Model 3 is quite a bit lighter than the Tesla Model S, which should translate into a car with better on-track handling and abilities.

This highly entertaining video shows us a packed Nurburgring track, though the M2 and Model 3 are clearly gunning for each other. Each passes several other cars on the chase, but does the M2 catch the Model 3? Watch the video to find out.

Video description via Marcel D. on YouTube:

Here a Video of my Tesla Model 3 being chased by my friends M2 (Anthony Soete) on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. 16.05.19

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