Renault presents at the Viva Technology show in Paris its new all-electric light commercial vehicle concept EZ-FLEX in La Poste colors.

French post will be the first to trial last mile delivery using EZ-FLEX, as Renault intends to hand-over 10 copies to professionals, businesses, towns and communities for periods of up to two years.

In the case of La Poste, it already operates several thousands of electric Renault Kangoo Z.E.

The modular rear design and compact size should make the EZ-FLEX a perfect fit for the last mile delivery applications, in which the driver needs to get in and out of their vehicle over 100 times per day.

Renault EZ-FLEX specs:

  • range of 150 km (93 miles)
  • length (3.86 m), width (1.65 m) and height (1.88 m)
  • 3m3 load capacity
  • 4.5 m turning circle

Gallery: Renault EZ-Flex

"Renault and La Poste will work together to develop the urban delivery ecosystem.

Every day, postal workers complete their rounds in city centres, parking, getting in and out of their vehicle over 100 times, and loading and unloading their parcels. They aspire to complete their rounds in an agile and fluid manner, pollution-free.

Renault EZ-FLEX is a compact and easy-handling vehicle designed to meet the mobility requirements of delivery persons. And as an electric vehicle, it ensures sustainable mobility. Its modular rear design may be evolved and will serve to map out future changes to the ecosystem. Renault EZ-FLEX is connected and equipped with an array of sensors. These will be used to collect and analyze data on use, routes, mileage, range, speed and the number of stops, with the objective of forging a better understanding of the reality of everyday deliveries.

The data will be analyzed in the light of feedback from delivery personnel, their daily experience and constraints, and the reaction of their environment.

All the data will be used to adapt the light commercial vehicle to the challenges of future urban deliveries.

This innovative, test-and-learn approach breaks with traditional practices in the mainstream automotive sector. Groupe Renault has extensive expertise in continuous innovation, most notably through its Formula 1 commitment, initiated in 1977, and has over 120 years of experience anticipating the needs of its customers and building the future of mobility."

Denis Le Vot, Alliance Director of the Renault-Nissan Commercial Vehicles Division said:

"With traffic congestion in cities and the rise of e-commerce, urban deliveries are transforming. As a European leader in vans and light commercial vehicles, Groupe Renault is duty bound to continue proposing disruptive solutions. Renault EZ-FLEX, an experimental light commercial vehicle, gives us the opportunity to join forces with La Poste Group, through an innovative and collaborative approach designed to develop and anticipate future practices in urban deliveries."

Philippe Dorge – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Services-Mail-Parcels, La Poste Group said:

"How do we support the growth of e-commerce while reducing pollution in our cities and making them more attractive? This is a major challenge for La Poste. Urban logistics is a key project in our strategy and we have signed agreements with 15 cities to implement solutions adapted to each one. To lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s urban logistics, we are innovating continuously and testing new, increasingly responsible and efficient delivery modes that make life easier for our customers and delivery personnel alike. A long-standing partner of La Poste in the implementation of electric vehicle, Renault with EZ-FLEX is proposing an innovative and modular solution. Our feedback will be used to adapt light commercial vehicles to the needs of delivery staff."

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