These reaction videos first became popular with the introduction of the Model S, but still today they remain enjoyable and with the launch of the Model 3, some of the reactions have changed.

For example, some are wowed by the massive touchscreen in the Model 3, while others take delight in watching Autopilot in use.

It's no longer simply about acceleration, though the Model 3 Performance variant truly impresses in that regard too.

If you've never ridden in or driven a Tesla, then perhaps this thrill can't be fully enjoyed. However, there's a solution for this and it's rather simple...go test drive a Tesla, but be warned that it's quite likely you'll want to buy one then.

Video description via Forrest's Auto Reviews on YouTube:

This video is pure joy! I had access to a Tesla Model 3 Performance and had to get some reactions from my friends! Hope you all enjoy the video! Subscribe and like the video for more content!

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