The Tesla Model S is the fastest Tesla available today, but can it fend off an onslaught of competition in multiple drag races? 

This particular video comes our way via Tesla Racing Channel. After a few months hiatus, it seems Tesla Racing Channel is back at it again to take on the competition at the strip.

This race video features the Model S P100D is several matchups against a wide variety of competitors. But unlike in the past, the interior is back in this Model S, which of course adds some weight and slows the car a bit. Regardless, it flies off the line like a proper drag racer and the reaction times are insane. That's some mad skill right there.

The first few races pit the Model S against some newer competition like an Audi and a Cadillac, but later in the video, the muscle cars come out to play and there's one car (a Camaro) that's a proper match for the Model S. That race is down to the wire.

Watch the clip to see if the Model S or Camaro come out on top.

Video description via Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube:

Street Car Takeover at Bristol Dragway in the Tesla P100D for some quarter mile racing.

Plenty of fast muscle cars were at Bristol so I brought my 4th Gen Turbo Camaro for some action too!

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