At full speed, a car smashes into the rear of a Tesla Model S and it's caught on camera. Though the collision isn't too severe, a lot of damage was done to the Tesla.

It seems as though the driver in the car that struck the Model S wasn't paying attention at all as the car collides into the rear of the Tesla at speed. In fact, the car doesn't even appear to brake before smashing the Model S.

This is an incident where had the rear car been equipped with a system like Tesla Autopilot, then this accident no doubt would have been avoided.

What strikes us as really odd here is that the repair estimate for the Model S is $28,000, though as you'll see in the video, the damage to the S seems quite minor. There's must be some extensive underlying structural damage that we can't easily see in the video.

Grab a look at the video clip above to see the car smash into the rear of the Model S without slowing.

Video description via Seb C H on YouTube:

Watch as my Tesla Model S gets rear ended!

The other car, driven by a teenage driver, didn't even try to slow down before colliding into me.

Though my Model S looks surprisingly unscathed it is now in a Tesla shop being repaired - for an estimated $28K!

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