Tesla Model S, the groundbreaking electric car that changed the world by proving what is possible with a bespoke EV design in 2012, in its latest iteration raises the bar to 370 miles (595 km) of range in combined EPA rating.

The EPA recently released the energy consumption numbers for the Long Range (100 kWh) all-wheel-drive version and we see around a 10% improvement compared to the previous 100D.

2019 Model S Long Range (100 kWh pack)

  • range of 370 miles
  • energy consumption (including charging losses):
    • combined: 111 MPGe - 304 Wh/mi (189 Wh/km)
    • city: 115 MPGe - 293 Wh/mi (182 Wh/km)
    • highway: 107 MPGe - 315 Wh/mi (196 Wh/km)

We will take a look at the numbers for other versions (Standard and Performance) and Model X (which received a similar efficiency upgrade) as soon as EPA releases them.

Tesla Model S Long Range range rating EPA
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