A Tesla caught fire while parked in a garage in San Francisco.

This particular car was a Model S and though the cause isn't known at this time, reports indicate that the electric car was not plugged in or charging at the time when the fire ignited.

San Francisco firefighters are reportedly investigating the cause of the fire that appeared to start at or near the right rear tire of the car.

The fire was quickly extinguished, so the building itself didn't sustain any damage. However, the car appears to have sustained at least some lasting impressions from the fire.

The Model S was removed from the scene and we suspect it's now under close watch just in case flames reignite. There's no indication one way or the other at this point in time that would suggest the fire is tied to the battery pack.

Statistically, electric car fires are very uncommon. Even less common are fires involving EVs that seemingly don't have a damaged battery pack and aren't plugged in. Additionally, Tesla has never had a single fire-related recall associated with its high voltage batteries or any HV battery-related recall either. On the contrary, hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions of gas-powered cars have experienced such recalls. Therefore, we're both curious and hopeful to learn more on the cause of this particular fire.

Watch the videos above and below for additional information.

This is a developing story...


Source: ABC 7

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