BMW produced the 150,000th BMW i3 this week in Leipzig, Germany. Since 2013, the i3 is the only all-electric BMW on the market, which in the near future is going to change as more models were announced.

Sales of the i3, thanks to updates of battery capacity over the years, continue to grow:

  • 2013: about 1,000 (estimated)
  • 2014: 16,052
  • 2015: 24,057
  • 2016: 25,528
  • 2017: 31,482
  • 2018: 36,829

Also, so far this year, sales of the i3 are on the rise. During the first quarter BMW sold 9,227 i3, which is 16.2% more than a year ago. Who knows, maybe 40,000 per year will be possible this year.

Hans-Peter Kemser (Plant Manager):

“The production anniversary underscores the sustainable success of our BMW i3. We are very proud of this pioneering achievement at the Leipzig location. Since 2013, we have been demonstrating every day what innovative and sustainable car production means and can do. We have done pioneering work with our i-production.”


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