This drag race pits the Tesla Model 3 Performance up against the mighty Hellcat.

However, the Model 3 has a new trick up its sleeve as it just got a software update that boosts power. The Model 3 still is not quite the track champ that the Model S is, but the Performance variant can definitely rip down the tarmac,

We've seen countless Tesla beatdowns at the track now, but every so often a Tesla meets its match. Is the Hellcat a proper challenger for the Tesla Model 3 Performance? Or is the instant torque and all-wheel-drive just too much for the Hellcat to handle?

Watch this brief video to see which vehicle reigns supreme in this quarter-mile race. The end result is very, very close. Though there's one clear winner.

Video description:

This is Lucas English against a Hellcat with 707 HP. (4-12-2019 at Portland International Raceway)


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