We're mostly excited that we don't have to deal with all-day-long arguments about who's at fault here. That's because this Tesla Model 3 owner outright admits that he was talking to his girlfriend and didn't notice a traffic light changing to red. Thankfully, his Tesla "saw" the red light and immediately alerted him to stop.

We don't know if the Tesla would have stopped itself, but it doesn't really matter. The point here is that the car was aware of the red light, as well as the fact that the driver was not braking. It sounded a series of "loud beeps" to redirect the driver's attention. Fortunately, Tesla owner Stirling Greer was able to stop in time. Had it not been for the Tesla tech, the situation would have surely played out differently ... in a bad way.

We can fault Greer for not watching the road ahead, but we've all been distracted at some point. To be honest, we're probably distracted more often than most of us are willing to admit. Some say future tech like this will just make people lazy. While that may be true on some level, again, it doesn't really matter. In the end, no matter what the circumstances, if active safety systems and semi-autonomous technology can reduce accidents, that's really all that counts.

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Video Description via Stirling Greer on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 saves my a** with Red light warning

I was talking to my girlfriend and didn't see the light change, Tesla alerted me to the Red light by screaming loud beeps, and this video shows my reaction time braking at the light, giving me just enough to not cause an accident

I am totally at fault for being a distracted dummy, but this type of situation could go way worse without the warning.

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