This Twitter exchange between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Alex Guberman (E for Electric) had us laughing. Of course, Guberman published a video about it. For those in the EV space, or really anywhere for that matter, if Musk actually notices you and responds, it's kind of a big deal. Whether you like him or not, or choose to support or hate on Tesla, it's still monumental if he acknowledges your tweet reply.

While Musk surely doesn't/can't respond to everything, he does a pretty respectable job of interacting with folks on Twitter. Heck, he reached out to Sheryl Crow recently. We admit that this may not be the best example, however, since Crow is a celebrity as well. However, nonetheless, the Silicon Valley CEO has certainly developed a reputation for interacting with the "Average Joe/Jane" from time to time.

Guberman sort of called Musk out for spending his time "trolling" the Wall Street Journal for its recent and continued efforts to stomp Tesla down. Guberman simply suggested that perhaps Elon should redirect his energy.

Musk replied and told Guberman that the trolling wasn't occupying much of his time, but still, the question was "fair." The CEO explained that Tesla has been cell-starved due to focusing on making battery packs for cars. He also said that Powerwall production is now ramping quickly.


Video Description via E for Electric on YouTube:

Elon Musk Tells Me My Point About His Twitter Usage is "Fair"

Elon Musk had replied to me on Twitter admitting that I may have a point about channeling his energy into something more productive and positive rather than trolling Wall Street Journal.

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