The highly anticipated Tesla pickup truck still doesn't exist in official form, but that doesn't prevent us and others from imagining what it might look like.

Tesla truck renders are always a hot and controversial topic though. And this latest one with some extreme exterior design elements is sure to be divisive too.

The rendered truck surely looks like nothing in existence. It doesn't seem to borrow lines from any other current trucks, unlike that look-alike half Tesla, half Ram truck render we stumbled upon in the past.

Renderer Emre Husmen brings this truck to life in vivid form. It's edgy, has some seriously sharp creases and angles, yet still says Tesla. However, it's aerodynamic properties don't scream electric vehicle, but perhaps that's fine considering it's a truck and not a car designed to go extreme distances between charges. You can check out the renders in the video above and in the gallery right below.

Gallery: Tesla Truck Render

The truck is not the only Tesla renders in existence though. Grab a look at some other striking Model S renders by clicking the links right below.

Images via Emre Husmen on Behance

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