Tesla has just provided a new look at the upcoming Roadster accelerating, and it's not CGI.

What can we say here? Of course, whenever Tesla or CEO Elon Musk tweet something out, which is quite often, there's not always some major story to go along with it. However, being that the Silicon Valley electric automaker is continuing to make huge waves as far as the EV industry is concerned, we're generally excited when something new pops up.

So, just the other day, Tesla tweeted out a new, very quick (no pun intended) video of its upcoming Roadster accelerating. The title reads, "Zero to sixty faster than you can read this caption," which is likely true in most cases. That is, unless you're a speed-reader. Or, shall we say a "quick reader?"


At any rate, the upcoming Tesla Roadster will not only be quick like all Tesla vehicles, but it will also be fast and have an impressive top speed of some 250 mph or more. While top speed and fast acceleration times above and beyond the zero-to-60 or the quarter mile aren't important or necessary for everyday driving, these have always been a point of contention against Tesla versus other "fast" cars. With that being said, we can't wait for it to come to market.

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