Yes, the Tesla Model X can tow, but how much range will you lose?

One of the most important questions we get about EVs is, "Can they tow?" Well, yes they can, but whether or not they are rated to tow is another great question. In addition, people want to know how much range is eliminated due to towing.

The Tesla Model X is one of few EVs with a reasonably high towing capacity. In fact, most EVs aren't even rated to tow, especially on our shores. Based on U.S. ratings and regulations, the Model X can tow a reasonable ~5,000 pounds. However, that's not much when compared to rivals' models. As CEO Elon Musk has stated on numerous occasions, Tesla vehicles can and will tow way more than competing models. But, in most cases, more capacity may not be needed.

Australia's CarsGuide puts the Tesla Model X to the test against a Toyota Land Cruiser. Check it out and then engage with us in the comment section.

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Tesla Model X 2019 review: Long Range tow test

Has Tesla solved range anxiety AND built a car you can tow a caravan with? Mal finds out.

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