Nissan experiments with the store of the future

Nissan launched in the Vélizy 2 shopping center in Paris, France its first Nissan City Hub - described as a revolutionary new approach with the convergence between e-commerce and a concept store.

For us, it reminds us of the original Tesla stores, introduced with success more thaa n decade ago. The Japanese manufacturer probably was tempted to experiment and try out a new approach as more such hubs were announced in other cities, including Berlin, Tokyo and Shanghai.

According to the press release, customers visiting the Nissan City Hub should find way more love than at the dealerships. The good thing is that the Nissan LEAF is presented right up front.

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Leon Dorssers, Corporate Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Global Sales and Retail said:

"Nissan City Hub will put people at the heart of our vision for tomorrow’s retail… all while they’re going about their normal shopping. Today’s unveiling marks a new step forward in our global commercial strategy, using e-commerce and new mobility technologies to enhance the customer experience both online and offline."

Ken Ramirez, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Nissan Europe, adds:

"As we continue to meet the evolving needs of today’s customers, we are proud to launch the first-ever Nissan City Hub experience in Paris. Using new technologies and tools, the Nissan City hub brings a unique all-in-one customer journey and seamless online to offline continuity."

More about the Nissan City Hub:

Reinventing the distribution network

According to a Bain & Company 2017 study, 50% of car purchases start online and 60% of consumers have decided on the brand, model and price before having set foot in a dealership. To reconnect with consumers’ new demands and consumption habits, Nissan’s development of its future retail distribution strategy is deeply anchored in a new, seamless and integrated model that leverages both the local knowledge and strong foothold of dealerships with the new opportunities created with digital.

This reinvented distribution network aims to deliver an industry-leading customer experience and exceed consumer expectations with an improved online and offline ecosystem based on new formats and new technologies, giving them full control of their purchasing process and supporting them along the journey thanks to product experts and partner dealers.

A move that Groupe Altaïr (Nissan dealers) was quick to join when it came to the Nissan City Hub: "This is a natural evolution of the industry - taking advantage of new opportunities and technologies to better serve customers, while taking a different approach to our conventional dealership model. This doesn’t rule out what can be done but offers a different experience to customers."

Creating an immersive experience into Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The Nissan City Hub is a revolutionary new approach that integrates a digital ecosystem with an eye-catching concept store at Vélizy 2 shopping centre. Offering a completely new customer experience, unique in the automotive industry, the Nissan City Hub is a bustling destination with bold ambitions: 88 m2 of screen surface and displays, 5 spots dedicated to model test-drive handovers and a planned expansion after the fall of 2019.

New e-commerce solutions offered to consumers at Nissan City Hub have been developed to ensure ease of use and multiple opportunities to personify and purchase cars directly online, with a "no-pressure" approach. With just a few clicks, it’s never been easier to buy a Nissan LEAF or QASHQAI.

Customers are greeted by Nissan Intelligent Mobility Ambassadors, a team from diverse retailing backgrounds such as creative arts, music and new technologies, to lead this new customer experience.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility takes centre stage with its icon, the Nissan LEAF, Europe’s best-selling electric car, and new technologies such as ProPILOT, which gives the driver more confidence behind the wheel.

After the planned expansion, Nissan City Hub will also be the opportunity for consumers to discover xStorage Home, an innovative energy storage solution, that uses new and second-life Nissan EV batteries, and France’s first electric vehicle quick charging network.

To go further, Nissan City Hub customers will have the possibility to have their cars delivered in Vélizy, or in another Groupe Altaïr dealership, or even at home.

This new pillar in the Nissan’ future retail distribution strategy is setting the path for the expansion of a new, unique commercial vision that aims to be deployed in other similar metropolitan spots, such as Berlin, Tokyo or Shanghai.

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