And, the all-new sub-$40,000 Fisker teaser arrives as planned.

We told you about a week ago that Henrik Fisker teased an upcoming prototype. He said his plan was to further tease it on March 18, 2019. However, he was clear that it wouldn't be any official launch or livestream situation, but instead, more of a "tease" of the tease. Of course, more details were to be divulged at that point.

Fast forward to today, and true to his word, Fisker has come forth with the information. While the vehicle remains unnamed, it's apparently capable of 300 miles of range. In addition, it may have at least an 80-kWh battery pack. As anticipated, the potential offering will be of the crossover variety. The most important piece of information is that it will carry a starting price below $40,000. But, a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive variant will cost you more. Will the sub-$40,000 vehicle have the bigger pack and the 300-mile range? Not likely, of course.

Fisker claims that the new concept's cabin layout and materials will be modern, which is expected. It will feature a head-up display and a state-of-the-art, user-friendly infotainment interface. The new SUV will employ a very open concept, without causing any safety concerns. To top it off, as previously reported, Fisker plans to manufacture it in the United States.

In terms of timeline, if this new crossover comes to be, it could grace our presence in 2021. Reservations for the electric SUV could open before the end of 2019, with the car becoming available in the second half of 2021. Moreover, it may come with Fisker's new solid-state batteries.

At this point, we have no way of knowing the reality of this announcement. Additionally, the whole solid-state battery situation is up in the air. However, if Fisker can pull this off, we have yet another compelling EV on the way sooner rather than later.

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