Road and wind noise bugging you in your Tesla Model 3?

Yes, EVs are quiet. In fact, if you've never driven an electric car before, it's almost haunting when you start it up. There is really no sound whatsoever. People may ask you, "Is it running?" However, there's one issue with the fact that the car itself doesn't generate any sound. It's kind of like sleeping in a silent room with no fan on, nothing to create ambient noise, and nothing else to drown out the "other" sounds.

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A friend of InsideEVs recently bought a Tesla Model 3 Performance. He's never owned or driven an EV before. His only complaint was that it's so quiet. He actually said it's just too quiet, and he can hear every bit of wind and road noise unless he cranks up the audio system.

While this may not be something that bothers the seasoned EV driver, the masses might take issue. Fortunately, some OEMs have taken note of this obvious problem and been proactive. For example, many Audi e-tron reviews praise its level of "quiet." However, what if the road and wind noise is just plain irritating, like it may be for some Tesla Model 3 owners?

No worries since there's almost always some easy solution when it comes to such concerns. It's not difficult or expensive to add additional door seals/weather stripping to a car. The above video outlines exactly how to do it in great detail. Soon, SD Tesla will publish another video sharing the results of his noise reduction efforts. Hopefully, his work pays off!

Video Description via SD Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 - Additional Door Seals

Thanks for the idea. Added second seals to the Model 3 doors as the next step of my sound deadening series. Was a fun project and I hope this works.

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