Honda actually wants to sell its Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, and the push is working.

The word on the streets in the EV community for some time has been that legacy automakers don't really want to sell their plug ins. In many cases this is true. It has also been said time and time again that it's because they'll lose money. The truth is, that's not necessarily reality. Thankfully, we are finally just beginning to see some brands really promote their plug ins. Honda is on that short list with its Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

First of all, OEMs need to build cars that are appealing and useful to the masses. Most have failed miserably at doing so. There's really no point in building a ton of cars and trying to sell them if people just aren't going to bite. Second, they have to build vehicles that can turn people on to plug ins, but aren't ridiculously expensive, even if it means vehicles that serve as a stepping stone toward a fully electric vehicle. The Chevrolet Volt was a solid attempt at this.

Since then, the Toyota Prius Prime came along and has sold reasonably well. However, it doesn't offer a long all-electric range. In fact, its 25-mile electric range pales in comparison to the recently discontinued Volt's 53 miles.

Later, Honda brought the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid to market to compete with the Prime and Volt. It offers almost as many miles as the Volt, at 47 (you can compare all these numbers and more using our newly updated Compare EVs page). It also provides more power than the Volt and much more space for passengers and cargo. Not to mention a wealth of standard advanced driver assistance technologies.

We can only hope that as time moves forward, automakers work to build plug ins that are appealing, affordable, and practical for the masses. Moreover, they need to strive to get this information in front of car shoppers.

Video Description via Honda on YouTube:

2019 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Walk Around

Curious about what a plug-in hybrid is? Or even, how it works? We make it easy to understand. See how the Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid combines an electric motor with a gas engine to help you get where you’re going, in style.

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