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Wow! Our buddy Sean Mitchell of AllThingsEV.info is really upping his game. Wouldn't it be fantastic if all YouTube automotive reviewers took the time to provide a detailed write up about each car? Mitchell enjoyed his first opportunity to check out the 2019 Audi e-tron in-depth, but much more importantly, he did plenty of homework. This is precisely what we need from people working to promote EV adoption.

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Once again, kudos to Sean for the continued hard work. We greatly appreciate it. Check out the video above and the details below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell (AllThingsEV.info) on YouTube:

First impressions: Audi e-tron


It seems to be positioned size wise between the Q5 and Q7. The e-tron is shorter in length than the Q5, but not as wide or tall as the Q7 and Q8.

e-tron: 193″ L x 76″ W x 66″ H (cm : 490 L x 193 W x 168 H)

Q5: 184″ L x 75″ W x 65″ H (cm: 467 L x 191 W x 165 H)

Q7: 200″ L x 78″ W x 69″ H (cm: 508 L x 198 W x 175 H)

Q8: 197″ L x 79″ W x 67″ H (cm: 500 L x 200 W x 170 H)

For comparison

e-tron: 193″ L x 76″ W x 66″ H (cm : 490 L x 193 W x 168 H)

Model X: 198″ L x 79″ W x 66″ H (cm: 503 L x 201 W x 168 H)

Jaguar I-Pace: 184″ L x 75″ W x 61″ H (cm: 467 L x 191 W x 155 H)


It looks like an Audi. For someone coming from a petrol powered Audi, this car will look very familiar. They’ve kept a similar front grill, door handles, 10” (25 cm) infotainment display, MMI haptic feedback, MyAudi mobile app, Quattro AWD, and heads up display.


150 kW DC charge rate

95 kWh battery

1,000 kWh of free charging through Electrify America’s fast-growing charging network

0-60 mph (0-100 kph) in 5.5 sec

5 level air suspension

4,000 lbs towing capacity (1,814 kg)

Total motor power output is 300 kW or ~400 horsies

Audi has not announced official EPA range but European WLTP range is said to be north of 249 miles (400 km). When Jaguar quoted their WLTP range at 292 miles (470 km), EPA range ended up being ~20% less. Using that same estimate, the e-tron would shake out to north of 200 miles (322 km) but likely not as high as 250 miles (402 km).

Creature Comforts:

Their top end e-tron package, Prestige, offers a host of creature comforts like

Ventilated sears with massage function

Top grade leather

Bang and Olufsen sound system

Heads up display

Retractable shade for the panoramic sun roof

Customizable accent lighting


Pricing for the entry level package begins at just under $75,000 without factory add-ons or any federal or state tax incentives.

Curb weight is about 5,600 lbs (2,540 kg), which means the gross vehicle weight should be above 6,000 lbs and unlock the $25,000 business ‘Hummer Tax Credit’ in the US.

First impressions:

It’s a really excellent car when factoring in the total offering.

Range and efficiency is not as great at Tesla’s Model X but it far exceeds Tesla in fit, finish, and creature comforts.

I’m not terribly crazy about the dual screen system as it seems there is some redundancy. That being said, I understand Audi has to think about streamlining manufacturing across their entire vehicle line up and attracting their current customer base with something they are familiar with.

Charging infrastructure and network from the infotainment was either buried in the menu or non-existent. This, however, is a simple software update on Audi’s end. Most people’s charging needs in the e-tron will be met with home charging and the current, and quickly growing, CCS charging network across the US.

Thank you:

A big thanks to Audi USA for their invite to their Denver dealership events, and a special thanks to Prestige Imports Audi (https://www.prestigeimports.net) for giving me early access to the e-tron for filming.

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