What would you expect to happen if Tesla Autopilot software crashed during your drive?

For the growing list of Tesla owners out there, this is very important information to be aware of. While driving with the assistance of Tesla Autopilot or Navigate on Autopilot, there's always a chance the software could fail, causing the system to crash. This is part of the reason Tesla tells you to remain engaged and in control of the vehicle at all times. But, the real question here is, how does the situation actually play out?

Tesla owner Scott Kubo experienced the above and has shared it to make Tesla drivers more aware. While has was driving (Navigate on Autopilot activated), the technology suddenly stopped working. He says it disengaged and the hazard lights immediately came on, followed by an error message on the Model 3 touch screen that stated, "Cruise not available."

Any time your car automatically turns on its hazard lights and displays an error message on the screen, it's going to get your attention. However, the Tesla just reverted to normal driving mode for a few minutes, during which Autopilot was unavailable. Then, it came back on and functioned properly.

It's critical to understand such technologies and be aware that there may be sporadic issues. Always remain engaged and paying attention to the car's cues so that you're not caught off guard.

Have you experienced something similar to this in your Tesla? If so, please apprise us of the details in the comment section below.

Video Description via Scott Kubo on YouTube:

What Happens When Autopilot Software Crashes While You're Driving

Tesla autopilot suddenly turned off while driving. Possibly due to a crash and reboot of the autopilot software? This was with software v9 2018.50.6 Tesla Model 3, AP 2.5

The system suddenly disengaged and turn the hazard lights on, and came to a stop. An error message said "cruise not available." For 2-3 minutes I was unable to engage autopilot and no surrounding vehicles were displayed by the media control unit. However, faint lane lines were still shown. After 2-3 minutes autopilot came back on as normal.

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