Will you eventually be able to tow with your Tesla Model 3?

This is not a new question. People have been asking about whether or not the Model 3 would be rated for towing or would offer a tow hitch for some time. We've seen some DIY tow hitch installations, videos of the Model 3 towing, and even spy footage of Tesla testing the car's towing capacity. To date, the car is not rated to tow anything. So, if you put a hitch on and use the car for towing, some repair claims may be denied or the automaker could partially (or fully) void your vehicle's warranty for misuse.

However, news out of Norway via the Tesla Owners Club Norway (TOCN) suggests some potential progress for those that hope for a Model 3 that can tow. The organization came upon some information related to adaptations to the car's electronics that point to the eventual implementation of towing.

According to TOCN, new drawings of the Model 3's inner workings show a Trailer Light Controller and Trailer Light ECU. The article makes it abundantly clear that Tesla has not officially substantiated this information. It also says that if it's eventually an option, there's no way to know if those who have already ordered a Model 3 may still benefit.

It doesn't make much sense for Tesla to plan for trailer lights if there is no plan for an optional hitch and an official tow rating. But, perhaps it's just another way the automaker can make its vehicles more future proof? In addition, Tesla has made it more clear that the upcoming Model Y will be based on the Model 3 platform. Many hope the Model Y will have a tow rating and allow for a hitch, so Tesla could be planning ahead for that as well.

Currently, the Tesla Model X can tow. However, even the Model S is not officially rated for towing and doesn't offer a hitch. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Model 3, and especially the Model Y.

Follow the link below for more details directly from the source, as well as images of the actual diagrams in question. Then, let us know what you think.

Source: Tesla Owners Club Norway

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