Self-charging hybrid?

In a new ad for the 2019 Corolla hybrid, Toyota again decided to take a cheap shot at plug-in electric cars by showing a recharging EV left behind in the dust.

Moreover, the conventional hybrid car was called a "self-charging hybrid" to underline that it doesn't need charging points. With such an approach, we could easily bounce the ball the other way and say that Toyota's hybrids are just gasoline cars, with a slightly more efficient drivetrain. But those hybrids get left behind when they need to fuel up.

Well, all-electric cars are the future. Toyota will feel the effects of its propaganda when it is eventually forced to introduce BEVs to its customers. Those customers will remember these anti-EV ads, we hope.

"The start of an exciting new era for the world’s best-selling car.

Watch the new UK TV advert for the Toyota Corolla, which demonstrates how the Corolla's new hybrid powertrain makes it the no-compromise choice of today."

Toyota Corolla 2019 TV Advert - 60
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