It seems camping in a Tesla vehicle is becoming a thing, but in winter?

Premium, sporty vehicles are surely not the first that most people would consider using for camping. Plenty of people camp in their vehicles, and some do so in cold weather. Trucks, large SUVs, and even minivans seem to be top choices when it comes to camping. However, Tesla vehicles have a few secret weapons, which make them ideal choices for camping, especially in cold weather. Aftermarket products can also help the situation.

Our good fried Sean Mitchell from owns an older Tesla Model S with a new battery. He's a Colorado native and just spent some time in Aspen checking out Rivian's vehicles and interviewing company CEO RJ Scaringe. It turns out, he did a little winter camping excursion as well.

The temperature during Sean's winter camping trip dipped down to about 10F. Compared to the temps we've been experiencing in the Midwest this winter -- as well as weather in many other parts of the globe -- this is not THAT cold.

We figured we'd add the latter piece of information before a bunch of people jump in the comments and complain that this isn't cold weather and it's not REAL winter camping. However, that's beside the point. It's sure cold enough, and we wouldn't choose to go camping in our car in temps anywhere near this. So, kudos to Sean for roughing it to share some information with the community. And, kudos to Tesla for manufacturing cars with features that make this a reality.

Sean uses heat shields supplied by EVANNEX during his trip. The shields are made to keep heat out, but he uses them to keep the cold out and hold the heat in. Do they do the trick? Check out the video to learn more.

Have you camped in your car during the winter? Was it a Tesla or another EV? We'd love to read your stories in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell ( on YouTube:

Tesla winter camping in 10F (-12C) in Aspen, Colorado

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