How much range does a Tesla Model 3 have after a year of ownership? What happens if you drive it until it dies?

Ben Sullins has owned his Tesla Model 3 for about a year. When he first took ownership, he drove it until the battery died. He got about 281 miles. Some people think that EV batteries degrade quickly and range loss may be imminent after a short time. While this may be somewhat true with certain models, it's not really the case. In fact, Ben says he has been exceeding that 281-mile range with his Model 3 lately. So, he hopes that this follow-up range test will produce some excellent numbers.

Ben drives the same route that he did in the past. However, while the temperature is about the same, there is plenty of heavy wind. This not only hinders the car aerodynamically, but also makes it feel much colder outside. Much like the first trip, Ben's Model 3 experiences some vampire drain during his stops.

He pulls off the road at about 231 miles when the car says its battery is at zero. At this point, he just circles a parking lot near a Supercharger until the car dies (at 244.7 miles). So, he gets about 14 more miles after the battery was supposedly dead. The total battery capacity used is at 71 kWh, whereas on the first trip he used 75 kWh. Energy consumption was at 291 wh/mile, compared to 281 on the prior test. Ben blames the 25-30 mph winds for the discrepancy.

Do you own a Tesla Model 3? Let us know how far you can go.

Video Description via Teslanomics with Ben Sullins on YouTube:

I Drove my Tesla Model 3 Until it Died ?

I took my Tesla Model 3 out for another range test after owning it for 1 year. What followed I didn't expect.

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