Extreme battery degradation: That is - down 1% every 2,000 km (1,240 miles)

Bjørn Nyland recently found a 2011 Nissan LEAF (24 kWh) with severely decreased battery capacity and range. The origins of the car remains unknown as the current owners don't know where it was used by the first owner. We guess it must come from one of the hotter climates and its battery simply couldn't stand the heat.

Over about eight years, the LEAF was driven just 108,341 km (67,000 miles). According to LEAF Spy app, only 24 DC fast charges were registered. The mileage and fast charging, however, are not the cause of 48.77% battery State of Health (SOH). More than half of the capacity has gone, leaving some six out of 12 bars of battery status on the instrument cluster.

The one unusual thing to notice about this particular LEAF is 4,828 AC chargers, which translates to an average of just 22.4 (13.9 miles) between charges. If those were charges to 100% SOC (full charges), combined with high temperature, then perhaps that's the reason.

Additionally, there's always some good news to report. The cars seems to work fine. Sadly, it just has a lower range than it did when it was new. If one doesn't drive much, they still could be a happy EV owner with an older Nissan LEAF.

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