The owner decided to try Tiny Living in his Tesla Model X while working as a Lyft driver.

For many, living in their car means either being broke or, well, being utterly broke. There's only a small percentage of people that actually consider living in their vehicle for a prolonged amount of time a great idea, but who aren't strapped for cash. Or sanity. Nick, the owner of this Tesla Model X P75D dual-motor all-wheel drive belongs to a third group. This rather special group of people is usually shunned by the rest of human civilization. They're keen on making moves that most others don't understand. Moves that may seem irrational at best, but almost certainly, crazy to most.

Nick, when afforded the chance to get a Model X, decided to ditch his rent and drive Lyft for a living, all the while living in his vehicle, enjoying life and pushing for a better future. And for people like him, doing whatever is necessary to own his dream car is what we must applaud to. After all, it's people like Nick that drive the world forward. No matter what some may say.

Nick's Model X P75D is powered by a 75kWh battery, comes with a dual-motor setup and an all-wheel drive. It allows the luxury battery-powered family seven-seater to accelerate from 0-60mph (0-100km/h) in just 4.9 seconds. With a range of 237 miles (380 kilometers), it allows Nick to fully utilize the Model X not only for a living but also, to perform his day job well. Thus, for this rather interesting Lyft driver, living in a Tesla Model X isn't that bad as it might seem. In the video below, Nick details how he utilizes the Model X to live comfortably, saving on rent and making the best of all the space afforded to him by this luxury electric vehicle.

Certainly, for most of us, living in a car might be our last ditch effort. However, this guy seems rather happy about this venture. He uses all the available storage spaces in the Model X perfectly, adjusting what might seem like a harsh experience, to a comfortable degree. However, there's a lot of issues that living in a vehicle present here which are not even remotely Tesla related. Even with unlimited grandfathered in Supercharging, plenty of space, a lot of headroom and an abundance of sleeping real estate, combined with some neat options, the Model X still don't make living in a vehicle a recommended solution. You are out there alone and whether you're living in a junkyard queen or a Model X, it's still a rather daunting experience. You can grab a detailed view of all the advantages and disadvantages of living in a Model X in Nick's video available above.

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