We can honestly say we're jealous. We want one of these for our kids ... or really just for ourselves!

For a mere $1,149 (early-bird pricing, which may be $1,450 at launch ) you can convert your again Segway into a crazy fast, electric Go-kart that has the potential to burn rubber and drift. And, you can get it by November, just in time for early holiday shopping. The Segway was expected to garner huge popularity early on, due to its self-balancing nature and uniqueness. However, many agreed that it was overpriced and the company released it at an inopportune time.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of people that own one - which, in many cases, likely sits in a garage or basement and gets little use - and several parks, recreation, and tour companies own fleets of these interesting EVs. We reported a few years back that Ninebot acquired Segway after being hit up with a lawsuit. Now, Ninebot is working to repurpose the personal transportation craft via an upgrade kit. We can only imagine that people will get much more use out of their Segway in this capacity.

The newly imagined EV is powered by a 310-Wh battery and controlled with a kneebar. The new kit gets you a seat, front wheels, a steering wheel, a front bumper, and brakes. Autoblog reports that the newly available vehicle offers three different driving modes. So, if we had the opportunity to take it for a spin, we'd opt for Sportive, which has a top speed of 15 mph. Meanwhile, it tackles a 0-12-mph sprint in just two seconds. Put your young child in it and you can set it to Novice or Standard, which aren't quite so potent.

Either way, you're looking at 12.4 miles of range and a 3.5-hour charging time. Based on data that we've previously published, many people could handle their daily commute in this tiny beast (although that's probably not the best-laid plans in most areas) ... but still! If you did live in an area with work close to home and a safe route to use your newly adapted drift buggy for travels, it's important to note that it could handle a payload of some 220 pounds.

In order to make this all happen, the company set up and Indiegogo campaign to raise the additional $20k it needs to move forward. But, the interest must be huge since almost $375,000 has already come in.

Video Description via Longham Technology on YouTube:

Ninebot Gokart Transform Your Segway to A Roadster

The Coolest E-Gokart with Innovated Tech: Transform Segway into A Speedy, Drifting Motorsport.

Source: Autoblog

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