A Vancouver couple drove their Model 3 LR from Vancouver to Portland, Oregon, a distance of more than 300 miles

It seems that Tesla may be underreporting its vehicle's capabilities.

According to 1RedDrop, a couple from Vancouver drove their Tesla Model 3 Long Range from Vancouver to Portland, Oregon on a single charge. With power to spare. That's a distance of more than 300 miles or 322.3 miles, to be exact - as reported by Peter Levey and his wife. To make matters even more compelling, the drive was done on a hot summer day, and the couple had the air condition on the whole time. Even then, the car only used 68 kWh of the 75 kWh battery.

According to the current Tesla data, the Model 3 (Long Range) is EPA-rated at a range of 310 miles. The Vancouver couple did more than that with just 90% of the battery's capacity used for the trip. However, that's not where the story ends.

While on another leg of the journey, the couple's Model 3 was, unfortunately, rear-ended by a Dodge sedan. The accident was luckily at low speed, as Dodge was doing 40 mph at the moment of the impact. And it seems that the damage to the Dodge was heavy, while the Model 3 received only slight damage.

According to Levey's own words revealed to Teslarati, this is what happened:

“I have to say two things, and they are both about Tesla, the company, and their response to us. About a minute and a half to two minutes after the time of impact, my cellphone rang, and I looked at it, and I didn’t recognize the number — it was a 1-877. It turned out to be Tesla Roadside Assistance, and their first question was ‘Our computers show that you suffered a major impact. Are you guys okay? Were you in an accident?’ and I cannot tell you how comforting that was.

“It was just amazing. There we were — we felt alone, we felt isolated, we didn’t feel like talking to the guy behind us for obvious reasons, and there comes a call, and it’s from your car company. So we were incredibly impressed by that. And later in the afternoon, and later in the evening, Tesla Roadside Assistance worked diligently with us to try and get the car into Towing Mode, to give us everything we could try. It was most impressive.”

Furthermore, Tesla not only called the couple within just a few minutes after the incident but also a follow-up call by the head of safety engineering was made to the couple as well.

“The next day, when I got home from Vancouver, I got another call from the head of safety engineering, and he wanted to find out how we were. He also wanted to find out ‘What can we do to make this car safer? What can we do to give an even greater measure of safety to the occupants?’ and that was mind-blowing. I’ve never had that from any car company, and I understand why people now say the Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 are the safest cars on the road. That kind of response inspires confidence among customers. They don’t abandon them when accidents happen,”

While we're aware of Tesla's more personal approach to their customers, this seems like the company really went above and beyond to ensure their customers' safety. Kudos to Tesla!

You can take a look at the video detailing the whole experience right below.

Source: 1reddrop

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