Plus how the Bolt looks wearing Green Mist Metallic paint.

While the Chevy Volt is getting a number of major improvements for its mid-cycle update, changes on the Bolt are more modest. This isn't surprising since the car has been on the market less than 2 years.

Chevrolet says their engineers are always working to fine-tune their vehicles. We just recently learned that the 2018 Bolt EV quietly received seat comfort improvements that have been carried over. For the 2019 Bolt EV, changes to the climate controls and battery charge level offer the most obvious improvements over earlier model years.


Previously, the Chevy Bolt provided an option for Hilltop Reserve. This setting would charge the vehicle to just under 90%. Officially this was intended to be used to gain energy while descending from a home or charging location from a high elevation.

Of course, for everyone else, there were still benefits. A 100% charge initially limits regenerative braking. Hilltop Reserve provides access to 1 pedal driving at the start of each day. It is also generally considered a good practice to keep a lithium-ion battery charged between 20% and 80%.


Now the Bolt EV will let you choose your own maximum target charge. When demonstrated in the video, the user can choose anywhere between a 40% and 100% state of charge.

The other user convenience feature is separating the heat and A/C controls. Previously, the climate would automatically switch between heat and A/C depending on the exterior and interior temperatures. This generally works well, although it can sometimes be troublesome. If the temperature drastically changes during the day, the heater could come on unintentionally for instance.

While small, these changes are certainly welcome. The only downside? A Chevrolet representative informed us that there are no plans at this time to make these features available via software update on the 2017 or 2018 model years.


For the full impressions of the 2019 Chevy Bolt, check out the video above!

Video Description via InCharge DIY on YouTube:

In this video we take a look at what has changed since 2017 when the Bolt EV was first released. These are new changes for model year 2019.

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