Honda recently presented its Mobile Power Pack World - a single battery module for all sorts of different applications.

Honda Mobile Power Pack World for PCX ELECTRIC scooter

The capacity is at least 1 kWh and more than one can be used depending on the vehicle - robot, scooter, small vehicle or other.

It's small and light enough so that everyone can remove it from the vehicle for other applications or charging.

Example vehicles with the Mobile Power Pack World include:

  • Honda 3E-D18 autonomous ATV
  • other Honda 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) robotics concepts
  • Honda PCX ELECTRIC scooter
  • Honda Mobile Power Pack 4W-Vehicle Concept - electric tw-seater

Honda 3E-D18

Mobile Power Pack World

<em>Honda PCX ELECTRIC</em>

The Mobile Power Pack World showcases Honda's holistic view of how a renewable energy source can be applied to power small-sized electric mobility products, digital devices, and home appliances. As generating renewable energy does not necessarily coincide with energy demand—such as wind power generation at night when demand is low—Honda envisions harnessing surplus energy and storing it in efficient, portable batteries. The Honda Mobile Power Pack is a portable, swappable, rechargeable battery that can be utilized as a power source for a variety of situations. Each Honda Mobile Power Pack has an output of 1kWh or more, and multiple Power Packs can be used simultaneously, making it possible to use the Power Pack as a power source for electric motorcycles and small-sized electric mobility products. Utilizing portable, exchangeable batteries eliminates re-charge times currently associated with electric vehicles.

When combined with the Honda Mobile Power Pack Charge & Supply – Portable Concept charger/discharger, the Mobile Power Pack can be utilized as a power source for recreational activities or during an emergency. The charger/discharger not only charges the Mobile Power Pack, but also utilizes it as a power source for connected electrical devices. Equipped with wheels, the Mobile Power Pack Charge & Supply – Portable Concept is easy to carry around, and is waterproof and dustproof enabling it to be used in outdoor locations for recreational activities. Honda also exhibited the Mobile Power Pack Charge & Supply – Expandable Concept, which can be used as a power source inside the home accommodating multiple electronic devices. The Mobile Power Pack communicates with other devices and can collect data regarding how it is being used and then send the data to other devices while getting recharged.

Further showcasing convenient energy solutions is the Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger Concept, which shows how a charging station unit can charge multiple units of the Honda Mobile Power Pack at once and supply replacement mobile power packs. Honda envisions the Exchangers being used at street-corner locations to supply replacement battery packs for people who use small-sized electric mobility products. In addition, the Exchanger can contribute to the stabilization of electricity supply by supplying electricity to the grid from the Power Packs within the station during peak electricity demand.

To show how the Mobile Power Pack connects to everyday personal mobility, Honda exhibited the PCX Electric, an all-electric scooter outfitted with Honda's unique high-output electric motor and a removable Honda Mobile Power Pack, and the Honda Mobile Power Pack 4W-Vehicle Concept, a compact and agile EV based on the Honda Pioneer 500 side-by-side. Equipped with slots for two Honda Mobile Power Packs on each side, this Zero-Emission vehicle enables more fun and less impact to the environment on various occasions, including off-road situations.

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