Is the Tesla Model 3 actually smaller than the Model S on the inside? The interior dimensions might surprise you.

Modern-day cars typically maximize interior space, while minimizing exterior size. The Model 3 is a prime example of this, while the now-dated Model S isn't so much. Proof of this is found when comparing the exterior dimensions of both cars to the interior space (see graphic below).

On the outside, the Model S measures in at 196 inches long, 77 inches wides and 57 inches tall. Meanwhile, the Model 3's exterior dimensions are 185 inches long, 73 inches wide and 57 inches tall. Aside from height, the Model S is significantly larger in all other exterior dimensions, but does it carry its size advantages inside? Not really.

Thanks to OCDetailing, we've got interior measurements of all three Teslas - S, 3 and X. Here are those figures (via Teslarati):

Interior Dimensions

OCDetailing notes that the Model 3 has spacious seating for driver and front passenger and that front leg room is more than adequate.

Once clear advantage that's immediately noticeable from the figures above is the rear headroom in the Model 3. Model S owners often complain of having to tilt their heads sideways in the rear to avoid contact with the back glass. This shouldn't be an issue in the Model 3.

The S does win in all of the width categories though, as it should since its 4 inches wider on the outside.

Study the numbers. Watch the video. Let us know if you're surprised by the findings in comments below.

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