The video above shows how to open the frunk of a Tesla Model X without entering the vehicle and without access to the key fob (walk-through starts from the 10:30 mark of the video).

This manual opening procedure is quite simple and it's there so that first responders can access the high-voltage electrical connections under the frunk.

Some are saying this is a security flaw, but that's only true if you often have valuables in the frunk.

Here’s an illustration showing how to manually open the Model X frunk from the outside:

How To Open Model X Frunk - Image <a href=

... and here’s how it's done on the Model S:

Jalopnik states:

"Prior to 2014, these releases were located under the glove box inside, so you’d have to first break into the car to get to the trunk release to plunder the booty within. These current frunk releases, though, are accessible from outside the vehicle, using tools no more advanced than a flathead screwdriver."

"Sure, the alarm does go off when the trunk is opened, but only when its opened, meaning by the time the alarm is wailing, whoever opened the trunk is likely hauling ass away from the car with your laptop bag."

Moral of the story...the external releases are necessary, so don't store valuables in the non-secured frunks of the Model S & X.

Source: Jalopnik

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