Tesla owner and famous YouTuber Bjorn Nyland's latest video compares the Supercharging rates of various Tesla models.

Nyland concludes the following:

"The 90 kWh battery pack used to charge slightly slower than the 85 kWh. Last week I borrowed a Model S 90D facelift and noticed that it charged significantly faster than the Model X 90D I borrowed in US. After testing and analyzing the data I concluded that the 90 kWh pack now charges as fast or up to 15 % faster than the 85 kWh."

Nyland's video is extremely detailed and it has graphics showing his findings, but if you'd rather not watch the whole 30-plus minute video, then Nyland suggests the following:

"...watch just the first 45 seconds where I get right to the point. If you still want to know more details, go on and watch the rest."

Charging Rate Graph
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