Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Brooklyn Bridge, Image Credit: <a href=ABC News" draggable="false">

Brooklyn Bridge, Image Credit: ABC News

It's hard to believe that the Tesla Model X, an electric crossover SUV, is too heavy to legally cross the Brooklyn Bridge? Are you kidding me?

The most ironic part of this is that Tesla is currently setting up a showroom, service center, and office space in Brooklyn's Red Hook area.

The Brooklyn Bridge has a weight limit of 3 tons (6,000 pounds). The car's curb weight is 5,441 pounds. However, Tesla made it very clear that the actual gross vehicle weight rating is well over 6,000 pounds (or 6,768 pounds, to be precise). This was in order to assure that the company could qualify for a weight-related, "old", tax loophole.

Now, we're not entirely sure how the law is written for the bridge, but it is clear to us that with a couple passengers on board, the X would exceed the 6,000-pound limit.

Will Brooklyn police really go so far as to pull over Model X drivers who cross the bridge? We highly doubt it, but the folks over at Jalopnik somewhat jokingly write:

"...I would like to take this moment to remind the NYPD that they should feel free to fine, arrest, or PIT maneuver any Tesla Model X driver they see on the bridge."

Source: Jalopnik

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