2016 Nissan LEAF - some 250 km NEDC range

2016 Nissan LEAF - some 250 km NEDC range

Nissan is slowly beginning to market its new 2016 LEAF with 30 kWh battery pack in Europe.

Longer range LEAF has a estimated range of 250 km in NEDC (155 miles), although the EPA number stands at 107 miles.

Nissan said that nearly 45,000 LEAFs were sold in Europe, while worldwide the cumulative sales figure for the LEAF is approaching 200,000.

We found a bug in the description - "30kw".

"Nissan has unveiled its new longer range LEAF at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. To celebrate it's launch, Nissan has created a video infographic which details the success of the world's best-selling electric vehicle to date, key information about the new 30kw battery and some interesting facts which highlight the benefits of the increased range."

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