Nissan LEAF In Japan

Just like in the US, Nissan has increased LEAF sales every year in Japan.

In 2014, 14,177 LEAFS were sold in Japan, which is 9% up compared to 2013.

The last month of 2014 ended with a decent 1,239, but the best month was February with 1,903 (all-time high of 2,593 was set at the beginning of deliveries in early 2011).

Total sales of full size (non-kei) cars in Japan stood at almost 3,300,000 in 2014, so Nissan LEAF alone captured some 0.4% of the market.

With almost 3,000 CHAdeMO chargers and some additional incentives, we'd like to see even higher sales, but that's not what the numbers point to.

Summarizing the largest markets for the LEAF (30,200 in US and 15,096 in Europe), Nissan sold total 59,473. Add to this Canada with 1,085 and the total was 60,558 in 2014.

Since its launch, we calculate LEAF global sales at ~160,000 to date.

Will Nissan be able to sell 100,000 LEAFs in 2015 worldwide?

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