Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Jim, an EV enthusiast from Washington state, recently worked with the Nissan LEAF DC/DC converter used for charging the 12 V AUX battery from the high voltage battery.

By presenting and describing such materials, another door opens for all of those who would like use OEM stuff in their own projects. We already know that LEAF batteries are used in many projects.

Another chapter for Jim will be the LEAF's on-board charger.

"I was able to get the 2011-2012 Nissan Leaf DC/DC converter running on the test bench. This unit takes the 280-400VDC HV battery pack input and converts it to 13-15VDC for the 12V AUX battery charging. It is very stable at 74 Amps 13.6V output. Easily adjustable voltage output with a simple 10V PWM signal running at about 9 HZ on pin 1 and pin 3 goes to +12V to enable.

Please use at your own risk! 360VDC HV battery is very dangerous and can be lethal if handled improperly."

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